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Again nothing to wear even when your wardrobe is exploding? Tired of copycats thanks to the choice proposed by the mass market? No longer feel confident choosing clothes that suit you? Loosing too much time and money on clothes that make you happy for a short time only? We hear you!

We invited a professional well known image consultant Suzana Pimenta to present the exclusive Masterclass - "SMART FASHION"! She will share with us the golden rules and secrets of style which will give the freedom  and harmony, create your own unique style. Suzanna will teach you how to choose clothes that make you look and feel amazing. She will reveal the secrets that well-dressed successful women already know. The key topic of the first session will be about the "POWER OF COLOR". Suzana will provide a color analysis thanks to which you will know the colors that favor your color type: your skin, hair and eyes. With this knowledge organising your wardrobe will be easy! Are you ready for changes?

The Time & Place: 7th of June , 18:00-20:00

By Reservation Only. Places are limited

Address: Lausanne, Institute Diana, Place St- Francois 6

The Participation price:  50 EUR which includes a bonus:

purchase, creation or a GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM ADORI VALUE OF 50 EUR with the validity of 1 year

Got questions?  We’d love to answer them, please call me on +41792796923 or email: info@byadori.com

Find "Adori" right in the heart of the Lausanne!

We have some incredible news for you!

Now you can find "Adori" right in the heart of the Lausanne centre!

In "Adori" showroom you will see more refined approach, with a big emphasis on a customer service. A place where you will get familiar with our designs, comfortable  fittings, order your unique "sur mesure" dress, and get some advice.

The  "Adori" showroom is located in a concept store "Diana" - which features various services, manicure , thai massage and even  a dietitian cabinet  — everything the modern woman would want all in one place! A place where you can enjoy yourself, have a nice cup of coffee and most importantly find the dress of your dreams!

We will be happy to see you at our store Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30-18:00. Please do let us know one hour beforehand if you would like to take an appointment with the designer.

The location is:

Place Saint-François 6
1003 Lausanne.