ADORI At Geneva Fashion Awards 2017

The 3rd Edition of the Geneva Fashion Awards has been a fantastic time last Wednesday, 19thJuly at the Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues.

The guests were warmly greeted on the first floor with stunning views on the Lake Leman. Adori has been chosen as the regional finalist for the International Fashion Designers Contest supported by Dukascopy Bank - Geneva Fashion Awards.

At our very first defile our brand was greeted with much excitement and warmth by the audience, which made us feel like our work has been recognised and appreciated.

As a designer brand it was important for us to show who is the Adori woman through our collection. She is international, confident, but at the same time she does not take herself too seriously. It's all about feeling good in her skin and at any occasion in her life.

We introduced formal, business, evening and leisure outfits. They were all romantic, very feminine and elegant pieces, yet with  simple silhouettes design. All clothes are innatural materials with warm and vibrant colours. Our collection has revealed that it can be very easily worn, mixed and matched with all the other parts of the wardrobe.

“We feel very lucky being able to share and show the guests our vision of fashion inspired by our life, travels and experiences”, - says the founder designer Anna Rodriguez.

The participation at the Geneva Fashion Awards will help us raise our profile in Switzerland and worldwide. It has been already a far more beneficial experience then we ever imagined. The first benefit of the defile is the multimedia exposure of our label. The experience has helped us to focus more on our unique signature, which is so important for a new label. Overall, the defile gave us and the whole team involved motivation to move forward.

To see more about the event itself you can click on the following link or visit our instagram or facebook page.